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School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From Fariba on 2018-01-16 15:36:18
I really benefited from my classes here. Very good teachers and books that teach modern English as well as academic English. My whole family have studied here in different periods of time. My parents, two uncles, my sister and several of my friends. You get a lot of individual attention from teachers. The computer lab is a great place to practise different skills. I really recommend this school. Please ignore those hateful comments; not true at all. Go see for yourself. By the way, they also have free conversation classes which are really useful.
School: Eurocentres Malta
From dfdfgd on 2018-01-04 18:46:52
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School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From thehills on 2017-12-22 16:07:52
The "positive" reviews written all across the internet are actually the exact same one's by someone called Avery Wong and are word for word the same exact written. I think future students are being deceived as I was. What you see as "positive reviews" for this place are actually by the crazy owners who keep reposting the same review everywhere! My personal time at this esl school was supplemented with a lot of extra work and study, as well as trying to interact with people from the country on a daily basis. You learn best by listening to radio, tv and movies, as well as just talking in groups.
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From FE on 2017-12-22 16:00:50
Do your research! There's tons of schools with newer technology, mixed media and other modes of instruction which are excelling in their teaching of international students in a better equipped and modernized buildings with free parking. Personally I just went for the place that was closest to where I was being hosted. I learned far better using online courses and supplementing them with real conversations around town.
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From reza on 2017-11-21 12:57:51
As a happy student at Can-Quest ESL Academy, I really want to contact the people who wrote the negative comments because they are completely false and those who wrote them obviously have mental issues. I am sure they did not have problems with the staff because they are great and really helpful. The classes are clean and bright and the computer lab quite modern. It is sad that some people that I believe is one person under different names should say such sick things about a reputable school. This school is the only language school on the North Shore accredited by the Ministry of Advanced Education. The school should take legal action against the person who wrote the hateful comments. It is just sad! For people who read these comments, I suggest that they visit the school and see for themselves.
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From Linda on 2017-11-21 09:45:19
We are six friends studying at Can-Quest and it is a great place to study ESL and prepare for IELTS or TOEFL exams. The teachers are really knowledgeable and helpful. There was a tenant in the building who had serious mental issues that caused problems in the building. Even one time she entered our class and started screaming for no reason. Eventually she was evicted. I think the negative comments were written by that person. The school has beautiful bright rooms with air conditioners as well as a modern computer lab. My friends and I are sorry for that person and wish her recovery.
School: Niagara College Canada
From Coal on 2017-08-29 13:56:25
A lot of the people complaining here took shitty courses and got shitty results. Not surprising. I took the Renewable Energies course, where all the teachers were extremely friendly and helpful. They all (except one) went the extra mile to help anyone who needed it, offering after class private tutor sessions and allowing you to text directly to their phones if you wanted to. (which most of us did) The people complaining here took bad courses, in bad disciplines. So they got bad results. I took a good course, in an intensive discipline. And I got good results. Don't go here if you're planning on doing something like horticulture - Go here for sciences related degrees like electrical engineering, computer sciences, game development and most political degrees. That's where the school REALLY shines.
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From Q on 2017-08-25 17:47:46
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From Arta on 2017-08-09 19:43:47
School: Niagara College Canada
From Sam doilie on 2017-07-17 08:25:29
Niagara college should shut down. It doesn't have the resources needed to provide a successful education - even though you bet you'll be charged for it! My program (EMA) is offered as a January start, however niagara college failed to warn us that the school is literally closed in the summer months. As long as youre not a full time student at the school expecting to receive a decent education and what you have paid for, then you won't be disappointed. But the fact is-- YOU ADVERTISE AD A SCHOOL. AND IF IT'S NOT FIESABLE TO HAVE THE SCHOOL OPEN IN THE SUMMER MONTHS- THEN DON'T OFFER CLASSES!!!!! I'm paying for a gym membership ($61) which is closed on the weekends, only open for 3 hrs on Fridays, offers no fitness classes, and opens after my 830 start and closes before I'm even finished classes at 530. And it's a mandatory purchase. Absolutely horrendous. I tried to meet with them and ask for some compensation since I literally am unable to access the gym and would like to purchase a membership I can actually use. Not possible. The buses only come once an hour so following classes you are always waiting an additional 50 mins. The cafeteria hours are 11-3!!! And the NOT campus is literally in the middle of nowhere so it's not like you can get food elsewhere. However, you will still get a parking ticket in an empty lot so lookout!!! They can stop all the other services but still fine you. I hate this school. The teachers in the summer months are also Unqualified. They really can't find anyone who is willing to work during the summer -- so again. Why offer this program?! I can continue. If you need to see a doctor - go into any other walk in clinic. This doctor working at NC, also works at Brock, is so unprofessional and she makes you wait 40min+ after your appointment. What us the point of scheduling appointments if you are unable to keep them?! 3 times now I have got up to the secretary telling her I have to leave for my next class. Our time is valuable too and they couldn't care less. Unable to keep scheduled appointment times- always 40+ mins late. Extremely fast, careless and unhelpful. Barely let's you get a word in. DO NOT GO TO HER FOR A PAPTEST. Literally took 30s, lots of blood, and very fast, hard motions. In and out. She doesn't care about patients at all. And the fact that she's the only one working at the college in the summer is very disturbing. Disappointed in Niagara College for hiring this doctor to care for the studends. Oh one last thing-- library hours are 830-4 so again if you need help or want to rent anything you need to take time out of your class because it closes before I'm even finished. What kind of pathetic school is this?!
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From Haleh S on 2017-07-02 12:11:12
Unprofessional office and dated broken down building. Staff of 1 (admin). No parking. No air conditioning. No central heat most of winter. No library or laptops, only PC's from the 80/90s. One small cramped room. Have no clue why its called academy or school! It seems my husband was also told to get immigration assistance from Fred's wife (owner) on the same floor. Big waste of time - very condescending, self-righteous and rude. Will not go back or recommend.
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From V Bleidel on 2017-06-27 17:39:43
School: Hilderstone College
From Patrica on 2017-06-08 11:48:47
The school was recommended by my friends but it was very bad experience, inexperienced teachers, old building, accommodation provided more than 1 hour from school and not beneficial, wasted my time and money.
School: Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy
From L on 2017-05-28 20:18:06
"School" is one room in an old building and many other professionals like computer repair shop, driving school and healthcare, which is falling apart and has no heat or air conditioning!!! Cramped, lacking a library, Teaching skills below average at best.
School: English Language In The Lakes
From Hamza Cherkaoui on 2017-04-09 04:47:00
I wanna to improve my English language