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Welland, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-735-2211
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Niagara College is one of the most famous Colleges in Canada winning national and international awards for both programs and services, including being the #1 Public College in Ontario for the past four years in student satisfaction. Student Life - Weekly activities and social events are organized regularly to help you enjoy your time at Niagara College. Small Class sizes - average of 13 students/class. Friendly, supportive staff, Individual academic counselling, Certificate upon completion, students from over 25 countries, On-Campus Dormitory.

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Languages spoken by staff: English,Japanese,Spanish,Chinese,Korean
Established: 1967
Currency: CAD
Handicapped: Access - Bathrooms
Airport: Pick up(USD 100.00)
Scolarships: Yes.
School size: 500+
Ownership: state-owned
Medical insurance provided
Exams: TOEFL
Internet - free for students
Housing service: Host Families,Student Housing,Housing on Premises
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From Michael on 04-19-2018
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After paying $15,000(tuition)+ $2,000(books) we have to complete an unpaid internship (in my case it was in HR/300 hours). The living cost and lost income (of 300 hours) will be over $5,000.
So, in total 15,000+2,000+5,000= $22,000 for a 1-year program(for an international student), which didn't bring anything new and useful for my future career.
The employees won't help you with finding your internship. And if you can not find your internship before the deadline, it means that you failed the program.
Overall, shittiest school experience ever I had. Just waste of money, time, and energy.

From Coal on 08-29-2017
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A lot of the people complaining here took shitty courses and got shitty results. Not surprising.

I took the Renewable Energies course, where all the teachers were extremely friendly and helpful. They all (except one) went the extra mile to help anyone who needed it, offering after class private tutor sessions and allowing you to text directly to their phones if you wanted to. (which most of us did)

The people complaining here took bad courses, in bad disciplines. So they got bad results. I took a good course, in an intensive discipline. And I got good results.

Don't go here if you're planning on doing something like horticulture - Go here for sciences related degrees like electrical engineering, computer sciences, game development and most political degrees. That's where the school REALLY shines.

From Sam doilie on 07-17-2017
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Niagara college should shut down.
It doesn't have the resources needed to provide a successful education - even though you bet you'll be charged for it! My program (EMA) is offered as a January start, however niagara college failed to warn us that the school is literally closed in the summer months. As long as youre not a full time student at the school expecting to receive a decent education and what you have paid for, then you won't be disappointed. But the fact is-- YOU ADVERTISE AD A SCHOOL. AND IF IT'S NOT FIESABLE TO HAVE THE SCHOOL OPEN IN THE SUMMER MONTHS- THEN DON'T OFFER CLASSES!!!!! I'm paying for a gym membership ($61) which is closed on the weekends, only open for 3 hrs on Fridays, offers no fitness classes, and opens after my 830 start and closes before I'm even finished classes at 530. And it's a mandatory purchase. Absolutely horrendous. I tried to meet with them and ask for some compensation since I literally am unable to access the gym and would like to purchase a membership I can actually use. Not possible. The buses only come once an hour so following classes you are always waiting an additional 50 mins. The cafeteria hours are 11-3!!! And the NOT campus is literally in the middle of nowhere so it's not like you can get food elsewhere. However, you will still get a parking ticket in an empty lot so lookout!!! They can stop all the other services but still fine you. I hate this school. The teachers in the summer months are also Unqualified. They really can't find anyone who is willing to work during the summer -- so again. Why offer this program?!
I can continue. If you need to see a doctor - go into any other walk in clinic. This doctor working at NC, also works at Brock, is so unprofessional and she makes you wait 40min+ after your appointment. What us the point of scheduling appointments if you are unable to keep them?! 3 times now I have got up to the secretary telling her I have to leave for my next class. Our time is valuable too and they couldn't care less. Unable to keep scheduled appointment times- always 40+ mins late. Extremely fast, careless and unhelpful. Barely let's you get a word in. DO NOT GO TO HER FOR A PAPTEST. Literally took 30s, lots of blood, and very fast, hard motions. In and out. She doesn't care about patients at all. And the fact that she's the only one working at the college in the summer is very disturbing. Disappointed in Niagara College for hiring this doctor to care for the studends.
Oh one last thing-- library hours are 830-4 so again if you need help or want to rent anything you need to take time out of your class because it closes before I'm even finished. What kind of pathetic school is this?!

From Bob on 03-21-2017
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Nothing but a money grab.9dodw8

From Weekend class on 04-02-2016
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Tried to take a weekend cpr class. I was registered and it was paid for well in advance yet when I arrived ( after paying for parking mind you) I found my classroom only to be informed there was a conflict with the availability of this room. Needless to say my class was cancelled and yet I received no notification. If I were to back out the day of a class I am certain I would have to pay some sort of penalty fee. Very unprofessional and I am disappointed.

April 2016

From anonymous on 12-20-2014
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The worst college ever for international students at least. No proper guidance and no time for students at all. The international advisors are just for name sake. At first they said they covers medical expense but then they charge for the visiting the doctor. while joining the college they claimed tuition fees and books are included but they are not and are expensive. And they claim to be the best college in Canada... International Students beware...

From Heisenberg on 12-13-2013
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not a bad school!

From Anonymous on 11-23-2013
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Be cautious of the amount of group work required and what qualifications other students hold. The international commerce and global development program holds an excessive amount of group work. Which would hypothetically be fine if everyone put an equal amount of effort forward, or if people were graded individually, but unfortunately this is not the case at all. People ride off of other people's hard work and when you approach teachers about this concern some do nothing about it and those who do get a bad reputation of being a \"bad teacher\". If you can tolerate this issue and look past the poor work ethic, the teachers are passionate, the administrative services are helpful, the location is a bit distanced but they are building a shopping mall up the street. One can assume the bus services will improve with the new shopping Center. The library rocks and if you can't access a computer on the second floor check out the open accessed labs on the third floor. I have never experienced any safety concerns at the NOTL campus.

From NOTL on 06-15-2013
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Horrible experience. Teachers not helpful. Books ridiculously expensive. Some international students do not have the level of English required to take a college course, but I guess as long as they keep paying their tuition, that's all that matters. Save your money. Don't go to Niagara College!

From Jes on 03-23-2013
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I have been to Maid of the Mist, Welland and N.O.T.L campuses. I love this college. I have been for Psychology, Law, Hairstyling and a couple other programs. Everyone is super helpful and friendly. Every teacher I have had has been amazing. They have a great gym, cafe, library and the transportation is very efficient. Worth a look at to go too.

From Jessica on 12-12-2012
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Went there for 2 weeks before I dropped out and moved back home. Teachers made you not want to continue education or get a job in the field you were taking they pretty much convinced me not to want to be a PSW. The labs were just stupid had to wear all white the worst colour to wear. The lab manual told us what to wear for labs then when we got to the labs the teachers told all of us we had something wrong with what we were wearing so had to go spend even more money. Just an AWFUL experience I don't suggest you go there for the PSW course.

From Mike Hoakstra sucks on 12-08-2012
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Not the best school for your hard earned money. I had teachers who missed classes, then when they where told they had to make them up to the students. The would tell the students at the start of class that the classes would be extended on that day. Some students take the bus, have work after class, and other classes they need to attend. Teacher do not care. Said today is the only time they have to extend classes they are busy, have a life outside of the college. Teachers at this college do not care about their job or the students.

From Eunice on 01-19-2012
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First, I'd like to start off with how ridiculous this school is rated. How is it possible that Niagara College is the #1 Public College in Ontario? The bus transportation sucks, so many of the students that take the transit are often to be late. Now being said, some teachers are far too strict for ridiculous reasons. We are paying these teachers to teach us, not to disallow students to come in quietly if they are late for any special reason. That also being said, I understand that they want to help better the students punctuality, but this is school, not work. Our job pays us and the students pay the teachers, make sense? Let's further ourselves; We must buy ridiculous priced programs and in order to obtain these programs such as, SAM, APLIA, LYRX, you are now obligated to buy the books on top of that. I would like to say that the environment and some of the teachers are very reasonable, but other than that, I'm very dissatisfied by Niagara College, I feel that Niagara College is a money eater. I went to Georgian College and I was not obligated to buy specific things in order to keep my grade up.

Niagara College is one of the most famous Colleges in Canada winning national and international awards for both programs and services, including being the #1 Public College in Ontario for the past four years in student satisfaction. Student Life - Weekly activities and social events are organized regularly to help you enjoy your time at Niagara College. Small Class sizes - average of 13 students/class. Friendly, supportive staff, Individual academic counselling, Certificate upon completion, students from over 25 countries, On-Campus Dormitory.

From Jasmine on 01-19-2012
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Most teachers I've came across are great.

Admin. is more than helpful if you seek them out.

The NOTL Location is not so eventful, and the transportation is unfortunately not much help to get into St. Catharines. They stop running the buses from the campus into town around 9 or so. Therefore, there isn't many options to go out during nights if you are car-less. This also creates a dilemma for people who are in town trying to attend the events at the pub after 9 or so. (Just something to keep in mind, if you want to stay in residence or on the green).

Welland camps is central to Welland. Just down the street from the Seaway Mall and all your basic fast food places.

The technology at Niagara isn't bad. Depending on what you go for, the Welland campus has an awesome Mac lab.

The Extracurricular Programs at NOTL aren't too often. (From what I know of?)

The library is a nice place to be... really can't complain.

There is security on campus(not) at all time, they are very visible. It can be reassuring.

Considering it's school- everything is pricey. I try not eat at the cafe. I buy my books online at Amazon, or second hand. If you drive it can suck because you are stuck paying \"mandatory fees\" in your tuition for that quality bus pass\". (Though, the bus can be helpful in St. Catharines- for off campus students(Y).

Overall, it depends on your own expectations. If you want to party and \"live it up\" live off campus (for NOTL students). They bus runs a decent amount & there are plenty of students in the area. The eduction is quality for most people. The Law Clerk program gives a beating- stay strong ;)

Cheers, best of luck!

From notl student on 09-12-2011
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For horticulture, this was an absolute terrible college. English classes provide no more than an opportunity to do \"show-and-tell\" which most of us haven't done since kindergarten for a reason.. class time by many teachers is used very ineffectively and classes seldom last the specified times. Teachers were unhelpful for the most part and wasted most time having students write the same field trip report about 20 times over the course and field trips are very repetitive. I graduated with honours even after skipping 30% of each semester simply because all material in the classroom is provided via YouTube or internet websites of which one may easily search in the comfort of their own home. I feel absolutely underprepared for any sort of career in this field, other than teaching these courses myself. Further, the administration are complete baffoons and keep you on the run around, and hand out emergency bursaries seemingly to those they favour; I was turned down with an obvious financial struggle, while a friend of mine that had money in the first place was granted two separate $1000 bursaries. So I starved for a semester while others drank away their free cash. Also, the library is disgustingly loud.

From Kim on 11-23-2010
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I made lots of new friends. This course was a good experience. The Campus is amazing!!!

From Marta T on 11-09-2010
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Great school! They are tough, they give you enough work for you to really learn the grammar and the vocabulary. Its not like other places where you have to learn the text book all year and that is it. I liked the fact they try their students get involved in the Canadian society, including historic and social topics to the classes. Loved it there. Thanks Guy's

From knight on 10-07-2010
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not bad of a school